What is plasma?


plasma is..

There are three states of a substance – solid, liquid and gas. When energy is applied to a solid, it becomes a liquid and when applied to a liquid, becomes a gas. When a higher amount of energy is applied to the gas, it enters the plasma state. Hence, plasma is often referred to as the ‘fourth state of substance’.

Technology using plasma is actively growing in many fields such as aerospace (NASA), environmental, energy, medical, beauty industries and more.

Plasma, in the form of ionized gas, is emitted from the PlaSkin device to deliver energy to the skin upon contact with the ceramic strip of the device. The PlaSkin line of products have different targeted frequencies and varying strengths, so you can get a specialized treatment for your specific concern. When Plasma ions interact with your skin, it triggers the collagen and elastin fibers to restructure and regenerate. All PlaSkin products have the following effects, with each product specializing in one area of treatment.

Plasma cures skin conditions at the source - at the cellular level and deep under the skin and scalp, without using any toxic chemical and works naturally with no side effects, making it the most effective at-home skin & scalp treatment system on the market.

Plasma skin treatment technology has become the buzzword of dermatology conferences and medical research. Plasma technology in PlaSkin treatments uses energy from plasma rather than lasers or radio-frequency, which both carry risks including burns, infection, and scarring.

PLASKIN, the cutting edge skin & scalp care device that incorporated the plasma technology to skin & scalp care. Plasma technology since its discovery by NASA, is enjoying gits full attention as the next generation technology.