Almost two month of use. and I have seen a great improve in my skin. from previous weeks I been focus on my chin area and it has made my chin area much better and smoother. and for my both side of my face it has greatly improve. no more huge breakout redness as almost gone completely. I can't go without plaskin. I feel I stop it will all come back. wish they made a more powerful device.


a little over a month of used with the device. noticed a lot of change over the month of used less bumps on face. chin area as clear up a lot more. less breakouts. and if there is a breakout it normally goes down once plaskin is use.


Day 26: a lot of improvement over all no more random pimple pop up. I Oxus more on thr chin area and have notice a decrease in white bumps on my chin. Face as clear up a lot no more bumps just smooth and even skin. Less oil production. Hopefully it will get rid of thr dark acne scar over time using thr device.


Day 23: the biggest change I have seen since I been using the device was less acne. I mean a lot less then before I have used the device. I can


Day 18th: Nothing really have change much. face has had a breakout since almost a week. the chin area still have white bumps. but both cheek are has been very smooth and even skin.


Day 14: active pimpe has gone done just left with a dark spot where the acne is at. normally my active acne will not go away till about 1 week lately but with pain but this time its has went done with days and with no pain or redness. people have been noticing my face skin tone has clear up a lot better then before. they have ask me what I'm doing different. which I point to plaskin device.face has way less acne active. notice pores around my cheek area has gone down much more and when I put on my daily cream its takes in in right away rather then taking a while for the skin to soak it in. still there is active dark spot from previous acne issue will still use the device and report back.


Day 12: pimple that came up around the nose and chin area as went down but still there. around face area the red has almost disappear. dark spot from old acne/pimple are still there. face is smoother then before.


Day 10: nothing have change still the same from last update. just new pimple came up around the chin and nose area.


Day 8: dramatic change in face tone. less acne act up, redness from area has disappear. chin still has white heads which I'm working on now more around the change. face is less bumpy its more even.


day6: notice a dramatic change in face.much smoother then before first day of used. acne is not acting up as much. did notice a pimple come up around the chin area but focus the device on that area a little more and over night it has clam itself down a lot, pores around face and nose has gone down a bit. face production less oil.(over all I did have very very oily skin). face is much bright and looks much healthy. its doesn't look dull anymore. will update back on day 8.


day 4: I decided to not daily update so I can see the change in between days. what I have notice from day 2 of use is that there are no more active acne on my face that I normally get. once a week I have like 2-3 pimple come up but since I been using the device I have not seen one active or redness. I have also notice a lot is that my skin is not production a lot of oil. i have also notice that my face is much smoother then day 1 use. skin tone has been more brighter and looks much healthier then before. over all I'm on day 4 with Plaskin and I'm loving it I can see the change in my facial skin and my acne has not broken out as much as before. I will continue this journey and see how everything goes will update on day 6. so you can see the improvement this device has made my face.


Day 2: using the device twice a day for 10mins. adult acne has come down no more redness around the cheek area. skin feel more smoother then before less bumpy. the white heads on my chin area is less noticeable but its still there. after the 10min of used apply my moisture to the face its just soaks in all in really quick. notice the skin tone has been more bright. after one day of use my friend even comment about my face. they notice that the color in my face and that there is a different glow. what I did notice that more white head and white bumps are showing up more. I'm assuming its push out all the oil and dirty under my skin.


Just started the Plaskin device. design wise it looks like a phone you can talk into if you hold it to your ear. but I started this morning. after washing my face. I started at no 1 level but I didn't feel a thing so I pause it and move the switch up to no 2 level on the device and cont. the noise the device make is really a bother. and the smell that comes out of the device a little weird but you get use it to smell like burning skin a little. but your skin is not really burn. your face does get really dry at the end of the 10mins with the device. I didn't use the cera cream that was included. but over all the design, used, is great that went beyond designing this device for consumer used. love the carry/protective pouch that is include to store it away when your done with the device. I will continue using it and will report back how everything is going. but for now I'm fighting adult acne.

SkinMichael Woodward