I started a week ago and immediately started to use plaskin. I do get occasional pimples as I have combination skin but my problem I'm really trying to correct is brightness as I have freckles from sun damage years ago and also the skin texture of my chin. I am prone to having my acne (zits and pimples) on my chin area and I suspect that's why my chin texture is uneven. In this first week, I've noticed some very slight change in my chin's texture. I know because that's all I look for but you may not notice the difference. I can only hope that by 8 weeks, I'll see some noticeable difference that you will also be able to see in photos. I did a rating for each aspect of the device and outcome so far from 1 (really bad) to 5 (great). Ease of use: 5 (Great) -It's simple to use and simple to maintain. The charge is as described which is about 4-5 uses. Instruction booklet has room for improvement. Comfort level: 5 (Great) -there's really no discomfort or feeling at all. The only thing I'll recommend is aside from cleaning your face and drying it, don't put anything else on before it. I tried using a toner/exfoliator before plaskin and even after it has dried, it causes the plaskin not to glide as smoothly. It causes it to tug at the skin. Summary: I've used this twice a day for a week and results so far as expected. Will continue to use twice daily and report back next week. A perk is it has kept my skin quite clear.

SkinMichael Woodward