I recently went to find some makeup that was all natural feeling, looking and made. I found some great makeup and the lady who was helping me told me how good my skin looks compared to other psoriasis carriers she has seen. I had a physical check-up on Friday, June 1st and my doctor noticed that the white scales had gone and my skin pigmentation was coming through clearly. My friends are constantly telling me to remove my bangs and just be me because of how good my skin looks. Now everyone has taken interest in Plaskin and its benefits. So hopefully Plaskin get some new customers and continues to do miracles for others like it's done for me!


Wow. The improvements on my skin are amazing. It looks really good to me and my friends are constantly telling me how much brighter my face and smile has gotten. I love using Plaskin. I look forward to using it every day. It is so easy and therapeutic to use. It puts me at ease and helps me feel good about myself!


My skin has drastically improved. The healing process is not over and it is better than ever. It looks smooth, feels smooth, and it has begun evening out in its tone. There are still some improvements I wish to see, but I know they will soon happen. I have also seen improvements in my acne on my face. There is less and my face looks more radiant. It glows more and has a more youthful energized look. My confidence is being built slowly day by day. I have noticed a positive change in my attitude towards myself and my esteem is picking up! Thank you Plaskin!


My skin has improved so well that I can't even believe the improvement. My skin has become softer and smoother. It is definitely less noticeable and it looks healthy. I could not wait to write this review because of how good my skin looks and feels. The healing process of my skin is not yet over but it has come a long way since I first started Plaskin. My stress levels have decreased and my confidence is building itself back up. Before Plaskin I was so embarrassed by my skin and myself. I was desperately running to doctors and treatments, topical steroids and even considered psoriatic test trials. But once I found Plaskin, I had a good feeling from the start. And I am glad I stuck to my gut and gave this product a chance. It is doing what I couldn't even believe in my own doctors and dermatologist to do. As a young adult, life is being brought back to me. I am so grateful to Plaskin for this opportunity to heal and restore looks. Truly one of the greatest inventions of all time.


The color is pinkish brown but it's in the healing process. The color is much closer to my skin tone than before use of this product. It is so much smoother and softer and it doesn't itch nor does it burn a lot. The improvement of my skin is getting better each day I use this product. I have been faithfully using it twice a day and it really does show. I am so glad it is portable and a new technology that helps people with skin issues like me. I am thankful for the makers and innovators of this device. I am happily anticipating the end results!


I just received my Plaskin device and I am extremely excited. This has been the best product for my skin problems to date. For many years I have suffered from Severe Psoriasis and was very ashamed to show my skin. I have used many topical medications that have not done any wonders for me. Being a young adult with a severe skin disorder is not easy. Always trying to hide and cover up with makeup is overwhelming. Within the first week of using my Plaskin device, I have seen immediate drastic improvement in my skin. Not only have I seen the changes, family and friends are commenting how much my skin has improved. They are always asking me questions and they want to use the device as well. I am so happy to have found this device, and I can't wait to see the results in the near future! I am super excited and am putting my faith in the progress with this device. I am recommending this device to everyone I know. I used to be ashamed of my skin, but thanks to Plaskin I can smile again.

SkinMichael Woodward