I still can't believe how much my skin has cleared. I used to have pimples covering my face all the way down to my chin. Now it's a much smaller area. I’ll be focusing on that in the next few times i use the Plaskin. My skin feels like I use an expensive moisturizer and thankfully the redness is starting to go away permanently


After a bad breakout my skin stays oily for days. Plaskin has helped reduce initial redness and oily looking skin. The pimples are slowly fading and my face continues to feel soft. One thing i liked is that when my face felt itchy (not sure if it was the breakout or eczema acting up) as soon as i finished a session, i felt relief.


This week i have been having a lot of dairy which usually causes bad breakouts on my face. I can tell it's still a problem by the way my face looks. However the Plaskin has helped manage the swelling. I can barely feel it when i use it on my face which is a good contrast to the harsh creams I have tried. Once i have a breakout I stop using the cleansers and exfoliators because my skin feels raw. Im glad the :laskin is something i can continue to use and hopefully my skin will look better in a few days


This was my first week using Plaskin. I have issues with eczema and hormonal acne. Redness has been reduced in just a week and some of the pimples have even started to fade. My skin also feels softer. I don’t have dry flakey patches like i usually do and the effect lasts all day.

SkinMichael Woodward