I posted the results 2 weeks apart and I see that the redness and rosacea subsided. The skin appears more clear, bright and the texture is softer. I'm happy to see a clear improvement.


The pictures were taken about a week apart. I see that my redness subsided and my skin appears to be more calm and moisturized. I think the skin products I use are being better absorbed this week.


I was not able to use the device for about a month so I'm back to using it regularly again. After about a week, I see that the overall complexion has improved. The dullness/dryness is gone and the skin complexion appears overall more even and brighter.


I noticed that during this week of regular plaskin usage, my general skin tone improved. I get very red because of rosacea/thin layered skin. I noticed that my skin feels slightly thicker & gets less red due to temperature changes & after washing my face. The moisturizer I use also seems more absorbed as though the skin is "drinking up" more H2O/nutrients. Maybe the cells' plasma layers have been strengthened? I've been using the same moisturizers & it seems to be working more effectively! I see that the cream is making my face brighter/even with plaskin usage. I'm starting to think that what is important is not necessarily "how expensive your skin cream is" but rather the fact whether your skin is capable of "drinking up" the beneficial nutrients in the skin products that's more important; because no matter how amazing nutrients you provide your skin, if your skin can't take it in, it's a waste of expensive product. I'm super happy plaskin is helping nutrients penetrate into my skin.


I see that it had some effects on the redness I tend to have when there's a temperature change from the indoors(warm) to outdoors(cold) because my facial skin is very thin. I noticed that after a week of regular use, twice a day, my skin looks less red. I have rosacea and it seems to have subsided a bit after using plaskin for about a week. I also noticed that at the end of the day, the moisturizer I normally use has been completely absorbed while using the plaskin device, so I'm thinking perhaps my skin is drinking more H2O". I feel like my skin is a bit more 'bouncy' maybe from being able to take in more nutrients from the moisturizer. Can't wait to see the results in a few weeks! "

SkinMichael Woodward