TZone Review & Forehead Review Before: looking good but a"saggy" appearance between brows this morning I thought. After: The appearance of the "sagginess" is gone area between brows was lifted!


Tzone &Forehead Review Before: See forehead vertical lines looks good and rosacea looks very contained and calm today. After: Forehead skin looks so supple and brow wrinkles look so much softer and rosacea still looks contained.


From 3/21/2018 through 3/30/18 I have a confirmed case of Influenza with Pneumonia. I had been taken to bedrest during this time. My apologies.


Tzone & Forehead Review: Before: see a very small bit of dryness, see very minute lines on forehead see moderate wrinkles between brows After: see nice moisture on forehead area see the wrinkle between brows so much lessened. Rosacea about the same.


TZone & Forehead Review Before: See rosacea redness at pimple sites and a small bit of dryness, see forehead looks great and even wrinkles between brows look really good After: see wrinkles truly look non-existent. And I think cream exemplifies the look of redness at rosacea sites on pictures. It is not that bad, I think it looks better.


T-zone & Forehead Review Before: see the furrow as way less just like the day before, and forehead looks really well. See Rosacea, however. After: redness showing at the actual blemish only. More noticeable furrow wrinkle, perhaps enhanced by lotion?


T-Zone Review & Forehead Review Before: See great view showing very flattened furrow between brows! Forehead wrinkles just noticeable on the sides. After: A very good day. furrow looks great. rosacea beginning to heal?


T-zone & Forehead Review Before: See Redness from rosacea forehead stilllooks great no deep vertical wrinkles and between brows deep frown wrinkle. After: see redness limited to actual blemish, forehead looks good, and flatter appearance of furrow wrinkle.


T-Zone & Forehead Review Before: Please see a bit of dryness. Forehead wrinkles look great. See deep furrow between brows. Also note rosacea is present. After: see the deep furrow look very flat. dryness is no longer apparent, lotion works well for this.


T-Zone & Forehead Area Before: Forehead and blemishes look like a bit more calmer. Less redness and rosacea looks like it might be running its course. After: The lotion enhances the look of redness but it is very soothing to my forehead and the rosacea and it isn't as red as pictures show.


T-Zone & Forehead Before: Reddened areas of the forehead between brows where blemishes are present. Forehead looks less lined. After: Redness is almost entirely contained to the blemish itself and deep wrinkle looks lessened near the bridge of the nose.


T-Zone & Forehead Review Before: Same as day before, not much change in the appearance/existence of the blemishes. After: The forehead looks good. Dryness is not much of an issue now. wrinkle looks softer in appearance.


T-Zone & Forehead Review Before: See pictured redness area of rosacea site and wrinkles seem more supple & forehead is very less noticeable. After: seems smoother still. The look is less harsh but as red as before usage.


T-Zone &Forehead Review Before: Entire forehead is soft.Regular dryness is no longer a problem. Rosacea is usually present. After: Directly after usage, it appears that the wrinkled area is always flatter" in appearance. Since my usage of Plaskin Wand make-up coverage on the forehead is lighter and appearance looks very nice. "


T-Zone & Forehead Review Before: Healing of large blemish happening. The skin on the forehead is quite soft now. Way less dryness than from the beginning. Still using setting #2. After: Still redness as prior. no noted changes.


Tzone & Forehead review Before: Redness and blemish are still big but healing. A bit of dryness. After: It is soothing to put on the lotion afterward. The wand feels light and the wand is subtle and I barely even smell the plasma, except for a slight bit.


T-zone & forehead review Before: see the blemish is looking better. slight redness and deep wrinkle between my brows. After: redness is less and again the wrinkle looks "flattened" and does feel softer even to the touch. The appearance is smoother. The horizontal forehead wrinkle looks better as well.


Tzone & Forehead Review Before: See the blemish "full head" and a small bit of dryness is present. Forehead wrinkle line visible. After: See the redness more contained to each pimple.But it does show more. The cream is helping with the dryness. The actual large lemish" hurts less."


Tzone &Forehead Review Before: See some dryness on the forehead, see blemish red & nearly 'to a head'. After: Forehead line looks good and muted appearance. Frown wrinkles look flattened and less prominent.


Tzone & Forehead Before: see the blemish is inflamed larger than yesterday (it is part of the rosacea?) After: Forehead looks good. Somewhat "flatter" appearance of wrinkle no difference on blemish area.


Tzone & Forehead review Before: a slight bit of dryness top forehead wrinkle line can be seen well, break out above right brow near wrinkle line After: See flattened area for brow "frown" wrinkle, looks better. Forehead line looks way less prominent.


Tzone & Forehead Review Before: please see a less reddened Tzone than the day before, and deep wrinkle between brows After: About the same today. between before and after. Still have the setting on #2. The cream is soothing and makes Tzone feel quite hydrated.


Tzone & forehead review Before: forehead lines have noticeably decreased. Tzone a bit dry in appearance and the rosacea. After: Tzone refreshed from plaskin machine and the cream. It feels good and hydrated and there is an immediate lessening of redness. Wrinkle between brows looks relaxed and less noticeable.


Tzone & forehead review Before: see a bit of dryness to skin today rosacea looks a bit better After: lotion applied skin has a smoother appearance, but rosacea looks slightly red but "feels" better. Since I have been using Plaskin coverage with makeup is easier on the forehead. Appears clearer.


Tzone & Forehead Review Before: seeing the red blemishes and deep wrinkles between brows. After: with lotion applied, can see a softer look to skin and a "flatter" appearance to the Tzone area. And forehead wrinkles are barely noticeable.


Tzone & forehead review Before: can see the dullness and dryness, as well as red pimples and the wrinkled area between eyebrows. After: The cream worked well on the dullness and dryness, the appearance of wrinkle is flatter.


Tzone & Forehead review Before: Less rosacea redness and acne from the day before. Between eyebrows, the wrinkle is still present. After: A softer presence, a less redness is present.


Tzone & forehead Before: washing with gentle sensitive cleaner redness present & wrinkles present but wrinkles have a "softer" feel. After: Can see a slightly better appearance with the immediate redness. Wrinkles feel flatter and softer after application of the cream.


Tzone & Forehead I chose these spots because it is almost always noticeable and it is something I need to work on (I assume the pimples are from rosacea skin issue.) The before shows aggravation of Tzone & after shows a noticeable difference and improvement on both the acne and the deep wrinkles.


T-zone & forehead review before: same as the day before. After: I do think that the redness was less and lighter appearance of the wrinkles. I have the wand on #2 setting and I feel it is better. I like the cream, my dryness is gone.


T-zone & forehead review Before usage red pimples and deep set wrinkle after usage less red I feel and "flatter" appearance of wrinkles. I started the first 3 days on number 1 setting and I have changed it to number 2 now, I felt it may have been too subtle.


T-zone & forehead review before red and bumpy acne after can see redness down, again the smoother appearance of the whole forehead, the result I feel it is calming to the rosacea and cream is soothing overall. Lines and wrinkles less apparent.


T-zone review Before looked less red(rosacea) than the day before. Forehead same. After red (rosacea) between brows, but the wrinkle is very smooth. *My rosacea does look worse after washing with gentle cleanser


T-zone review Today, it seems like a rosacea flare and redness is evident. After Forehead very smooth, redness between brows appears less, and frown" wrinkle between brows seems lighter."


T-zone review less red, appearance smoother. Forehead about the same.


Day 1 I chose to do my T-Zone. I have a lot of red rosacea type acne, deep frown wrinkles between brows, and the start of horizontal forehead wrinkles. I enjoyed my experience, it was subtle feeling, the cream was very soothing. I think it made the appearance smoother, the acne less red and forehead wrinkle hard to see.

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