My skin continues to be firmer with tightened pores plus reduced redness, flakes, and breakouts.


I'm really enjoying the bubble cleanser and moisturizer that came with my device! I didn't think I would at first. My combination skin feels hydrated without drying it out. The cleanser feels light and nourishing while deep cleaning. The Plaskin device continues to be easy to use. Cleaning is a breeze, alcohol and a Qtip does the trick. I'm noticing less redness and my pores are tighter than usual. I'm really enjoying my journey with Plaskin thus far!


Upon first use, I found it very simple to use. It goes over tough spots (like around my nose and mouth) quite easily. I used it equally around my face and neck on the "2" setting. I did not experience any discomfort on my sensitive skin. Upon waking the next day, I immediately noticed that my pores had tightened up and my skin felt hydrated without a greasy feeling.

SkinMichael Woodward