Kyung M.


This week I was focusing on mostly the top wrinkle lines. Routine this week - I did 10 min. every night. There is progress but I feel it could be better. So starting tomorrow I'm going to add morning routine of 5 min. whenever I can. My neck is looking better each day!


This week I kept the routine as 10 min. every evening. There is a slight progress with the lines, especially the 3rd line which is fading slowly. I need to still work on the two wrinkle lines (top two lines) that are still visible. I felt insecure about my neck wrinkles before I used the device. (Long story short, someone mentioned to me few years're still young and have neck wrinkles!!..It was so rude!! But after that I really noticed my neck) These days I definitely feel more confident with the lines being less visible. I will continue to use the device for the most visible lines!


It has been a little over 2 weeks that I didn't do any reviews. I was on vacation and even though I brought my device it was difficult to do them every day. I have been continuing to use the device after I came back but changed my routine. I am using the device only during the evening time for 10 min. I noticed some changes, although it is a more slow progress. Using the device in the morning and evening was more effective and I noticed faster changes.


This is my 6/7 week. I skipped week 6 review to see how much improvement I could see. I saw improvements to my mid-line which is getting thinner and less visible. I am very happy to see the change. However, the first line closest to my chin is more tough then I thought. I see improvements and I feel it as well but I will have to continue using Plaskin to see more improvements. I would have seen more changes if I would have stuck to my daily routine but that was sort of pushed back because of my allergies. If anyone is looking to try Plaskin, I recommend to set a daily routine and follow through with your plan! You will definitely see changes to your skin! Over all I was glad to try Plaskin and I am happy to see my neck wrinkles less visible then where I started 7 weeks ago. If I could I would love to try it for few more weeks to see my lines disappear!!


This is week 5. There wasn't much improvement due to my allergies. I did 3 days of the daily routine. My face and neck was so itchy from seasonal allergies I had to stop using the device. I feel a lot better this week so I am continuing with the daily routine.


This is week 4 and I can see changes to my neck! I'm doing the same routine as usual. The 5 min. morning and 10 min. night. Besides my neck being smooth and soft...I see visual changes!! The lines are not as defined as before. If you compare the week 1 photo you will see the change. I will continue with my routine and hope to see these wrinkles disappear!!


I'm on week 3 and still doing the same routine. 5 min. in the morning and 10 min. in the evening at level 1. I definitely feel the difference. My neck is very smooth. Neck wrinkles don't feel as deep as before. I feel like there are small improvements to the lines diminishing. But it's difficult to tell in the photo (I tried to have the same angle and the same light but it's a little bit different each time). I will keep going with the same routine and hope for more improvements to the skin!


This week I tried the #1 setting for 5 min. in the morning and #1 setting for 5 min./#2 setting for 5 min. at night. Neck feels smooth and the lines feel less defined by touch. I will probably continue with the #1 setting because #2 setting feels a little harsh on my skin. My skin turns a little red after use.


I was getting stressed out by the defined neck wrinkles (I'm still in my 20s). I have been using Plaskin device for a week now. I used it morning/night (5 min. in the morning and 10 min. at night). I used the #1 setting for this week and will try the #2 setting next week. I haven't seen a huge difference visually. However, when I run my fingers down my neck I can feel the wrinkles not as deep as before and my skin feels very smooth. I hope to see more improvement visually!

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