Plaskin continues to control oil production and maintain skin tone with 1 time use a day for 10 min.


Oil control continues to be maintained with improved skin tone, using Plaskin once per day followed by moisturizer.


More redness and breakouts this week with continuous use of Plaskin.


Skin is still at maintenance level, I have not seen much change with reduced 1x usage a day.


Skin continues to improve using once daily at level 1 for my sensitive skin. Pore is smaller and oil is more controlled.


I see less redness in my skin tone this week but still can quite dry out my skin so need to use masks more often.


This week I noticed that the Plaskin was drying out my skin too much so I had to reduce it to one time a day (only at night). My skin is very thin on my forehead and after using it twice a day I felt my wrinkles were showing more even after following it with moisturizer. After reducing to once a day it was better. My skin tone overall improved and less oily skin overall.


Since I started using Plaskin, I have noticed my skin brightened up with less redness. My pores have decreased slightly in size but only noticed a little difference in fine line reductions so far. My acne scars reduced slightly and Plaskin did help reduce my pimples. In terms of the device itself, the charging process is not clear when my device is fully charged, it never stops blinking as indicated on the instructions.

SkinMichael Woodward