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PlaPet – pet care solution! Eczema intensive care

I found out about PlaPet while researching ways to treat Autumn’s eczema on her paws. In the beginning, I wasn’t 100% sure of PlaPet but now that I know it works, I started using it more and more. I’ve been using PlaPet for over three months, and still appreciating it.

Autumn had bad eczema on her front paws before using PlaPet, but she has gotten so much better now. I used to brush her whole body with PlaPet in the beginning, but from second month, I’ve only been treating her paws.

(People used to compliment how shiny her hair was when I used PlaPet on her whole body but not so often now since I only do her paws :’()

I called it intensive, but it’s only 30 seconds each on each paw, haha.

---These are the before and after pictures of Autumn’s front right paw:--- -02/02/2018 – below is her paw before PlaPet-

She had very bad eczema that it was really hard to take this picture because she would run away and hate to open up her paws.

---Below is her right paw after using PlaPet:--- -03/20/2018 – 6 weeks in using PlaPet on the left- -05/01/2018 – 12 weeks in using PlaPet on the right-

It looks so healthy and it didn’t seem to hurt her when I took this picture of her paw. It’s slightly red since she’s been playing in the water a few times, but compared to the amount of time she spends in the water, her paws were in a very good condition! 

---Below is her left paw, which had the worst of eczema :’(…--- 

Just like her right paw, she was bothered when I touched her paw and severe redness throughout her paw.. 

---After PlaPet, her left paw looks like this below:---

-03/20/2018 – 6 weeks in using PlaPet, Autumn’s right paw- Within two weeks of use, redness cleared away, and eczema almost disappearing!

-05/01/2018 – 12 weeks in using PlaPet on Autumn’s left paw-

She’s had eczema on her paws in between the weeks when she played in the water for a long time, but by week 12, tt’s gotten again. It does not look as healthy as it was on week 6, but still recovering VERY fast.

I can definitely tell the difference between using PlaPet and not using it. It’s very fast in healing and regenerating Autum’s skin!

---Final review from using PlaPet for three months…--- Even when I dried Autumn’s paws thoroughly every single day, it was very hard to prevent eczema. But after using PlaPet, our daily routine has gotten so much faster, easier and happier. Even her vet said her paws are looking great!

This is a picture of Autumn today. She went to play in the water today as well, and her daily routine includes PlaPet! Hopefully, she enjoys more water during the warm weather and still stays away from eczema.

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