Hee J.


I had to give plaskin device a rest for a day because my skin was super dry and flakey. It was also really red and irritated on my cheeks with little red bumps. Although there was some irritation, I can feel there were some benefits to my skin which is why I didn't want to rest for too long. My complexion overall brightened and I can feel my skin texture tighter. Although it was dry the next days. I still went over the areas with the device and followed up with a sheet mask for 20 mins, then their cera cream. I did two layers of this and my dryness seems to be better now. The bumps have calmed down also.


I'm not sure what they call these bumps on my skin but I always get these tiny little bumps all over my cheeks. I have really thin, red and dry skin. Also blackhead/ pore problems on my nose. I have religiously using this device at least once a day for a week now. I was a bit confused how to use and took me a few tries to get used to. Basically you scan it all over your face lightly pressing onto dry skin. My overall redness has gotten a lot better and the bumps have minimized on my cheeks. My skin texture feels a lot more firm and overall skin tone seems to have lightened. But I have noticed that the first few times, my skin would be red and dry in the morning when I wake up so I have been skipping the mornings and been still doing it every night. It has been a week now and my skin still does feel dry and little flakey on my cheeks so I have been using a sheet pack right after the treatment and then following up with their cera cream. Also, is it just me but does your facial hair grow a bit faster or it becomes more noticeable?

SkinMichael Woodward