I got interested in this product, PlaSkin Hair, since I gave a birth to a child. After delivery, I started losing my hair of the front side. Therefore, I used to put my hair down every day to cover my empty spots. Hair loss was my number one problem.

When I opened the box, there were the device, peptide mist, and charger with a usb cable. Charging PlaSkin Hair was super convenient since you just need to plug it into the outlet. You don't need a battery or anything.

It has a shape of a brush and those white ceramic pads spread plasma. 
Plasma is primarily a premium care that you can get from a high-end dermatologist, but now it's possible to receive the care easily at home with PlaSkin Hair.

How to use PlaSkin Hair is very simple. You press the button for a second then it'll turn on. Then, brush your hair with it. If you have any area you want to concentrate more, hold the device on to the area for about 10 seconds. Also, it'll automatically stop after 10 minutes.

I used the peptide mist after brushing my hair with PlaSkin Hair. It's like a supplementary product that helps your hair grow and gives nutrition to the hair follicles. 

Now let's look at Before and After pictures.



Do you see the difference? That’s the part I used to cover up. Well, I do have a pretty big forehead. On top of that, hair loss started. Terrible. However, PlaSkin Hair did really filled out those empty areas of my hair! I am very satisfied. It may not appear on the picture but when you see it in real, hair grew on the forehead (especially at the edges) and when I brush my hair with my hand, I feel my hair is denser than before.



Also, the volume of the hair has increased. Especially for the top of the hair.

I used to have very sensitive scalp. Also, I had a lot of heat on the scalp. I often felt itchy at the part so I took the intensive care with PlaSkin Hair on that area. I put the device on the area that I was worried about and let it stay for like 10 seconds. After using it, I definitely felt that my hair became healthier! Most of all, I do not have any problem with a hot weather like these days even though I sweat a lot! Thanks to PlaSkin Hair.

I heard that if you don't take care of your scalp, the skin of your face will get aging quickly so it's important to keep your scalp healthy. 
I'm satisfied with this product. My scalp is not itchy anymore and my hair grew and got better. Especially, I love that my hair is not sticky anymore.

HairMichael Woodward