I apologize for the serious delay on my review. My skin went completely crazy and it was sore to the touch, I had to cut out all makeup and skincare and switch everything up. My skin has calmed down a lot now.


I hate not posted daily, mainly because my skin has been so sensitive lately. I have not done anything new, I am still doing the same stuff but my skin started to get red, flaky, itchy, irritated and hot, I got pustules. I decided to make my skincare routine extra minimal with just the wash, toner, cream that came with the device and a gel eye cream (I have to or my eye eczema gets bad).


Skin seems to be less irritated.


I did a mask yesterday and it seems to have helped a long with the plaskin device. I have less redness and my overall skin is much calmer.


My skin had improved slightly from the night before but as the day went on it gradually worsened, it was probably due to the make up or food. Still following the routine but not really seeing much of an improvement yet.


I woke up with calm skin but I had some errands to run and so I wore make up, unfortunately most foundation/B.B. cream breaks me outs and so my face was looking more red and bumpy but I cleaned up and followed through with my routine, I concentrated on the worse parts, hopefully they will start to heal faster.


I think I am seeing less redness, my skin seems to be improving but I am still getting breakouts. Overall I believe there is an improvement and my husband has noticed it too.


I believe there has been an improvement on my skin and the inflammation I was experiencing is going down. My skin is still red but it


Today I have found that my skin feels a little more dry and when I apply the cream provided, that I experience a little stinging.


I woke up this morning with slightly calmer skin, not sure if this is due to the pla-skin or due to just finishing my cycle. The wand was easy to use,.


I just received the product today and it was very nicely packaged, it charged fast and had no funny smells. The manual was very informative and easy to understand. Using the product was very straight forward and caused no discomfort, the cream that comes with the product applies well, has no scent and is not greasy, it also felt great to wear throughout the day.

SkinMichael Woodward