I am very happy with the improvement of my skin especially my complexion. This device is beyond amazing.


Big difference from Week 1 to Week 6. All the credit goes to @plaskinusa The PlaSkin device makes a huge difference in your skin's health and continously improves appearance.


Week 5: My complexion looks healthier, skin tone is improving, smoother texture, and healthy color. I keep seeing results improve every week!!!


Continuing my journey with PlaSkin and loving every minute of it. My skin looks so much healthier, feels softer, appears for flawless, and looks younger. I love it, and continue to see, feel, and notice the benefits.


After weeks 3, the biggest change I have noticed is my color and complexion improving. I am in shock. My complexion and color makes my skin look healthier.


I have noticed my skin improving even more than before. The decice is smoothing out my skin, lines are slowing improving, and my skin looks much healthier. I feel I have even gained some color back because my skin looks healthier.


This device is too easy to use & clean. I am already loving it. In just a few short days I can tell a difference in how my skin feels such as more softness and increased firmness. Although its only been a week I can already seen subtle changes. I just know that if I am already seeing results then the next few weeks should be I cannot wait to see what the next 7 weeks bring. I have included pictures of Day 1 using the device, and Day 7. It even appears to look more healthy.

SkinMichael Woodward