Catherine A.


I have continued the use of my Plaskin device. I am not seeing huge changes, but I have continued to see consistent progress. Despite hormonal changes my face appears clearer with fewer breakouts.


I’ve continued to use the device, and my skin has continued to clear up. I’m impressed with the results! I would highly recommend this product!!


I have continued to see improvements in my skin tone with continued use of the Plaskin device. It is not a big change, but as I look over the photos from the past few weeks I can see a gradual change in evening out my skin tone and fewer breakouts.


The Plaskin device has continued to help even out my skin tone. I


This is my second week using the Plaskin device, and I've continued to see improvement evening out my skin tone. I typically struggle with break-outs, and I do feel that the device has evened out some of my break-out zones as well. I can consistently see improvements.


I've been using Plaskin for one week, and it has evened out my complexion. I haven't noticed a huge difference, but it has only been one week. I have consistently used the device, and I will continue to do so! I'm excited about the results I've already seen!

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