The part has changed from S shape to C shape! 

There is always a lot of hair on my floor. As I get older, the hair gets thinner and weaker. 

I have been using a lot of hair products for my hair and scalp health. I also eat a lot of proteins but they didn’t really help me with the fundamental scalp problem. Then, I found PlaSkin Hair. It uses plasma which is a new advanced technology that is usually only available at premium dermatology. 

There were the device, hair mist and a charger with usb when I opened the box. Pretty simple composition. For the device, you just brush your hair with it and the mist is for finishing after using the device to relieve your scalp. The charger is same as Android phone charger. 

With this device, you can simply take care of both of your scalp and hair. Plasma cleanses dandruff and any wastes on your scalp. It also helps to relieve itching. 

[In Use] 

If it's difficult to use no matter how good the product is, it’s hard to keep using it. However, the directions on how to use PlaSkin Hair is very simple. I just brush my hair with it. It seems to be a combination of hair straightening and care. 
Press and hold the round button to turn on the power. A blue light means the power is on. It'll proceed for about 7 minutes with a slight hoo, a fine sound. When you use it for 7 minutes, the light flashes and the device automatically turns off. To use it again, just press the button. Also, when charging, it is displayed in red. 

(Very less hair volume on top of the head) 

(Hair thinning at the part) 
I took those pictures of my husband before started using PlaSkin Hair. 

Before you use the device, make sure you shampoo your hair to make it clean and completely dry it. If there's any water left, you might feel a little sting. 

When you turn on the power, gently brush your hair with the device and just repeat it for 7 minutes. I usually watch TV and that makes the time goes fast. Also, if you have any particular area that you worry about, leave the device on the part for about 10 seconds for intensive care. I did it mainly on the very top part of the head. 

For finishing, I used the Perfect Mist. It has 4 different types of peptides that help to moisturize and calm damaged scalp. It also has collagen which accelerate generating elastin to keep your scalp as a healthy scalp. So I recommend using the mist every time you use PlaSkin Hair! Now, let's take a look how my husband's hair and scalp changed in the last 4 weeks. 

(First week) 
The parting looked more organized than before but I still didn't see a big change yet. 

(Second week) 
I felt like the root of the hair became stronger and gained more volume. 

(Third week) 
I found the density of the hair got higher than before which mean hair grew and filled out those empty parts. Also, my husband really liked how he got more volume on his hair because he used to have limp hair almost every day. 

(Fourth week) 
The part has changed from S shape to C shape! I think the volume definitely helped to make hair look more packed. At first, my hair looked like split in half, but now I feel the border of the hair line has faded away. I’ll keep using PlaSkin Hair and can’t wait to see more changes! 

HairMichael Woodward