Skin & Fur Care For Pet At Its Finest

PlaSkin Pet is the world’s first skin and fur care device for pets which features an automatic plasma generating brush that is specialized to safely emit plasma ions to even the furriest of pets.


  • Bacteria Removal: Plasma ions sterilize harmful bacteria, viruses, fungus and super-bacteria commonly found in dogs and cats.

  • Removes Odor Completely

  • Soothing Irritated Skin: Plasma ions alleviate itchiness, various skin troubles and infections.

  • Skin Relief & Recovery: Plasma ions accelerate skin recovery, ultimately enhancing your pet’s skin immune system.

  • Hair Rejuvenation: Plasma ions enhance the delivery of nutrients to hair follicles and prevents fur loss and accelerates fur growth.

  • Prevents and Treats Pet Skin Disease: Skin disease can easily be caught but it's a trouble to find the right remedy. PlaSkin Pet can help you with that and it also prevents countless other skin diseases.

  • Makes Your Pet’s Fur Rich and Shiny

Plasma Ceramic Pad

PlaSkin Pet’s plasma ceramic pad is designed to treat pet’s skin in direct contact. The ceramic pad is used for managing hairless areas.

Plasma Ceramic Brush

PlaSkin Pet’s ceramic brush is designed to manage hairy areas by grooming through hair strands. The ceramic brush placed in the center of Plaskin Pet automatically generates plasma, so even hairy areas can be treated without making contact.

Korea’s top engineers, veterinarians and scientists have created a platform for pets to receive plasma treatment similar to humans.

Pet-Friendly, Environmentally Friendly

PlaSkin Pet sterilizes your pet’s skin through a natural process with no side effects and tolerance build-up without any harmful chemicals. It incorporates a nano-second pulse method, turning on and off at approximately 20,000 times a second, ultimately minimizing  the output of ozone to 0.002ppm, which is 96% lower than the FDA ozone standard of 0.05ppm.

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How is it effective to pet’s skin and hair?

Pet's skin is more sensitive than human skin. For the health of your pet, it is recommended to check hair and skin condition thoroughly and manage it daily. PlaSkin Pet can help you with that!

PlaSkin Pet is mostly focusing on

1. Skin Trouble Relief

2. Skin Regeneration

3. Hair Growth

Check out BEFORE & AFTER pictures of using PlaSkin Pet.