Q. How to use them?

A. Each device has different way to use. Please read below for details.


How to use PlaSkin Pet


How to use PlaSkin Hair


How to use Plabeau


How to use PlaSkin Plus



Q. What is Cera Cream?

A. Cera Cream is a complementary skin care cream that comes with PlaSkin Skin Care products.



Q. What is Peptide Mist?

A. Peptide Mist is a complementary scalp & hair care mist that comes with PlaSkin Hair Care product.



Q. What is the difference between Plabeau and PlaSkin Plus?

A. Plabeau is our premium model that is made of metal for both top and bottom plates. Therefore, Plabeau can spread plasma out in the most stable way.

Also, Plabeau's ceramic pad is about twice the size of PlaSkin Plus's ceramic pad. This helps people to take care of larger area easily with Plabeau.

PlaSkin Plus is our distribution model that is made of metal for the top plate and plastic material for the bottom plate.

Also, it has two different modes to control the amount of plasma comes out: total care mode and sensitive skincare mode.

The plasma technology that is applied to both of the products are same. Therefore, the effects of plasma you can expect from the both models are the same as well.


Q. How many times should I use PlaSkin products a day?

A. We recommend using our products twice a day for 10 minutes each. Once in the morning and once at night.

However, it’s fine to use them more than twice a day depends on one’s skin/ scalp/ pet’s skin type.


Q. It turned off while I was using it. Is that normal?

A. Yes, all of PlaSkin products automatically turn itself off after about 10 minutes of plasma care.

However, If you want to continue the care, you can simply turn the product on again.


Q. Why are there two different modes in PlaSkin Plus? What does 1 and 2 mean?

A. You can control the amount of plasma coming out from the ceramic pad with the two different modes of PlaSkin Plus.

Mode 2 is for total plasma care and Mode 1 is for people who have more sensitive skin.


Q. Can I charge the device with my phone charger?

A. Yes, you can use Android charger to charge our products.

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