Present Condition of Export of PlaSkin



Zanxiang Trading Co., Ltd (China)

Has successfully made a contract to export 900,000 Plabeau devices for 5 years which was about 390 million dollars.

Mi Ming Mart Holdings Ltd (Hong Kong)

Mi Ming Mart, selected as the official dealer of Plabeau product, is a luxury beauty store that located 9 stores in Hong Kong with 81,000 members, then its stock price increased by 192% since the listing. The manufacturer has reached 3.5 million dollars in sales within the first 3 weeks of launching Plabeau.


Synergie Skin Pty., Ltd (Melbourne, Australia)

Top trending teenage beauty company.

Synergie Skin company started selling Plabeau in more than 150 dermatology and aesthetic stores in Melbourne.

Ulike from Hangzhou Yulai Technology Co., Ltd (China)

successfully made a contract with ‘PlaSkin Hair’ and made a profit about 60 million dollars.

Healing Earth Ltd (Republic of South Africa)

Made an exclusive contract with Plabeau. Healing Earth Ltd is the Number One African wellness spa consultant/distributing company. It has more than 2,000 client companies in the world. It has recently won in the World Luxury Spy Award.


QVC (Quality Value Convenience in Germany)

Plabeau has successfully introduced on QVC broadcast, a top global European home-shopping channel in Germany, on 6/24/19.

GS Shop (South Korea)

Plabeau has been successfully introduced on GS Shop, a top well-known top home-shopping channel in South Korea. Plabeau is selling in more than 200 pharmacies in Korea and it’s sold in 5 different large duty-free shops. Also, it has achieved roughly $20 million total sales profit in Korea.

Jimmy Kim