An Example of a Successful Benchmark – Mi Ming Mart Holdings

“ ‘Plabeau’ was selected as a precious item for VIPs of the Hong Kong Stock Market Listing Celebration Dinner ” - Queen News

Pollyanna Chu (on the left) and Erica Miming Yuen (on the right)

Pollyanna Chu (on the left) and Erica Miming Yuen (on the right)

Mi Ming Mart Holdings Ltd(08473.HK) was listed in Hong Kong Stock Market through ‘Plabeau’

Mi Ming Mart, selected as the official dealer of Plabeau product, is a luxury beauty store that located 9 stores in Hong Kong with 81,000 members, then its stock price increased by 192% since the listing

The representative of Mi Ming Mart is Erica Miming Yuen (on the right)
who’s widely recognized as Hong Kong’s beauty icon. She once was Miss Hong Kong, an actress and a politician

Pollyanna Chu (on the left), a billionaire business-woman nominated by Forbes as top 5 influencer of Asia, took the role of IPO sponsor for listing process of Mi Ming Mart

With the full support of these two successful ladies  in Hong Kong, the manufacturer has reached 3.1 million dollars in sales within the first 3 weeks of launching Plabeau through Mi Ming Mart on January 29th.
Report says that it is currently out of stock and are accepting pre-orders 

“With our advanced plasma technology, we are planning to launch Plaskin Pet- a skin care device for pets and Plaskin Hair-a scalp/hair care device in addition to Plabeau,” staff of the company announced.

-Featured in “Queen News ” Korea on 2/26/2018