“We are the world’s first plasma skin & scalp & pet care brand.”

Our objective has always been to define personal care. PlaSkin is determined to bring professional skincare/ scalp & hair care/ pet care into your home. You can be assured that PlaSkin demands the finest quality products by using ingredients that have a proven record of safety and efficacy ranging from plant-based to lab grown components.

By using the technology and research from NASA, PlaSkin has become the world’s first plasma skin/hair/pet care brand.

Partnership with KeeWorld’s company

Since July of 2019, We started with KeeWorld’s to dedicate marketing through xzy.

KeeWorld’s depth of experience translate to robust connections into the Asian, US Military Resale, and US Commercial Retail marketplaces

KeeWorld’s sustained average 53% growth over the past 4 years means increased sales of its manufacture’s products and expansion to new market.

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